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It seems like no matter what technology you are talking about there are going to be a number of troubleshooting steps that are always appropriate, almost no matter what the end user s symptom is For example, is the hardware working as intended Will the iPhone make a phone call Is the service plan still active for the device If a device will not power on, try plugging it into a power source to check the battery If the device is on and running, but otherwise unresponsive, you can try to force quit the frontmost application To accomplish this, press and hold the lock button until the Shutdown Slider appears At this point, press and hold the home button for a second or two until the front most application quits.

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The implementation of the Asynchronous and Synchronous classes illustrates the use of mixins to create similar types that have some specialized functionalities Additionally, the Asynchronous and Synchronous classes show how to implement contracts in JavaScript You will want to implement a global error handler in your Ajax application so that any errors that may happen will be displayed in a user-friendly manner Failing to do so might cause the client to click buttons wildly, and the subsequent reloading of pages will cause even more errors to occur When you are processing an XML data stream, take a look at the XML DOM methods to help you pick apart the data You should not need to iterate each individual node, as XML DOM has great facilities to filter nodes.

This is the equivalent of using Control-OptionEscape in Mac OS X to force quit an application or Control-Alt-Escape in Windows to bring up the Task Manager If that doesn t work, reboot the iPhone or iPod touch by holding the sleep button on the top of the device After a few moments, a red slider appears, press and slide the slider from left to right to shut down the device, similar to the procedure used to wake an iPhone, Press and hold the sleep button to power the device back on You can also reset the device by holding down the sleep and home buttons until you see an Apple logo Finally, you can perform a factory reset on a device from the Settings icon on the home screen: click on General Reset Reset All Settings (make sure you ve got a good backup of a device before doing this).

The final and most complex major component in the CHAPI system is the Registry. Registry provides many capabilities to both the client and the server app, including registering handlers, searching for available handlers, and processing requests.

If the device isn t booting at all, you can attempt to boot the device in recovery mode To do so, first launch iTunes on your admin station Next, with the device off, press and hold the home button With the home button depressed, plug the device into your admin station via USB The iPhone should display that it is in recovery mode, and you can now restore the phone to factory defaults With the iPhone and iPod touch, when you are troubleshooting network services then you should always verify network connectivity first This is critical before you do anything else, as many applications will require the ability to open a network connection to an outside host.

The most important method is Registry.invoke(). This method accepts an Invocation and dispatches it to an appropriate content handler. It can throw a host of errors, including ContentHandlerException if no suitable handler is found; SecurityException if this app is not allowed to access that content; IOException if the content provided in the URL cannot be found, and so on. The method may take a relatively long time to complete; for example, if only an http URL was provided in the Invocation, the Registry will need to open a web connection to determine the content type before it can select an appropriate handler. This method returns true if the calling app needs to exit in order for the handler to start, and false if it can continue running. All BlackBerry devices are good enough at multitasking that false is always returned here; however, if you plan to port your app to nonBlackBerry platforms in the future, you should check the return value and exit if requested. The Registry is also where client apps can query for ContentHandler objects and otherwise query for available capabilities. Table 8-2 shows the available methods.

If you are having trouble accessing specific services, then provided you can connect to a network, verify that network connections are available between the device you are connecting to and the device you are connecting from Outside of checking for network.

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